If you’re considering relocating, purchasing or improving property, performing energy upgrades or investing in equipment or recruitment and training, contact us first. We can help you save money!

Government incentives are available to industrial businesses and manufacturers to lower the cost of doing business in NYC but you must apply for these incentives before signing a lease, purchasing property or machinery, pulling a building permit, performing energy upgrades, and hiring or training employees.

MIBA assists your business in accessing a wide variety of programs and incentives. We are dedicated to providing your businesses with quick and concise information on incentives, identifying and interpreting the value of incentive programs and answering questions about program benefits, eligibility, and requirements. We also inform your business on how you can combine programs to maximize the benefits.

Solar panels on Davis & Warshow roof

Solar panels on Davis & Warshow roof



MIBA encourages businesses to implement energy efficient and renewable energy projects, including solar systems, lighting replacements, green roofs and boiler upgrades to reduce their energy costs and improve their competitiveness. We can assist you in accessing energy-saving incentives available through ConEdison, NYSERDA, National Grid, and DEP and energy-related benefits such as the Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers on energy used for production.