Networking, INformation & Advocacy

MIBA networking events and workshops provide industrial businesses the opportunity to exchange ideas with other businesses, real estate experts, financial service representatives, energy consultants, city agencies, local representatives and more.  Businesses also learn from our guest speakers about how to maximize their competitive advantage and how local issues and government policies may affect their business.  In addition, MIBA publishes a monthly email newsletter highlighting new programs, business opportunities, services, and upcoming events.  Businesses depend on our real-time alerts via email and social media to disseminate emergency information, impending events, and infrastructure projects such as bridge closures and resurfacing projects.

This past year MIBA testified at City Hall in support of regulations that would limit the development of self-storage facilities in the Industrial Business Zones.  The special permit was subsequently passed and will help to preserve manufacturing and industrial space in the IBZ.  MIBA is also actively advocating for similar restrictions on hotel development in m-zones which would preserve space for industrial and manufacturing businesses city-wide.